Puglia is the cradle of Zinfandel, also known as “Primitivo”.

Only the healthiest, perfectly sun-ripened grapes are used to make this wine, which tempts the palate with its intense flavours and soft, suave finish

A great wine for a typical Italian meal, but also excellent served on its own as a meditation wine. This fruity Zinfandel is potent and extremely appealing, and will not fail to charm you and your guests.

Its character is warm, passionate and voluptuous, expressing the best of Puglia. With our special edition, we create high-class wines that perfectly express the history of our region.

The pleasure of being together!

Zinfandel Grape

Black Zinfandel has been growing in the “heel of Italy” for over a thousand years. Thanks to the warm, sunny climate and continuous sea breezes, the grapes ripen with a high natural sugar content that ferments easily into a high alcohol content.

  • TYPE: Red wine
  • ORIGIN: Italy-Puglia
  • GRAPES: Primitivo (Zinfandel)
  • Tasting Notes: Colour: deep red. Pleasant on the nose and enriched with a bouquet of ripe fruit. Extremely elegant and delicate on the palate, with soft, creamy notes of red fruit. The persistent finish is a return to the enveloping sensations of ripe fruit.
  • VINIFICATION: Red wine made with selected grapes and wines from different years. A period of fermentation is followed by the precious refinement in wood that tailors the wine to the palate of every consumer, creating a quality that remains constant over time.
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Medium mix soil

and Altitude

East, 150-200m s.l.m.


Spurred cordon and Guyot system


4600 plants/hectare


Perfect with spicy foods and especially roast or fried duck or game with wild red currants. And if you want to astound your guests, why not try it with extra dark chocolate (at least 75%) on a relaxing occasion or after dinner?

Serving suggestions: meat dishes

duck, game

Serving suggestions: confectionery

dark chocolate

Serving temperature

16-18 °C


“Exceptional consistency and seductive appeal. Powerful plum and bramble, finely tannic and enveloped in the balsamic fruity flavour of the grape. The result of an excellent vinification”.

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